It Didn’t Exist, So I Had to Make it.

“It didn’t exist, so I had to make it.”, I said in response to a pointed question from a colleague. Until then, until after she pointed out its importance, that statement was little more than a flip answer that only my wife and I understood between sighs every time we discuss having to do things the hard way, having to start from the beginning every time because we always seem to be treading some kind of new ground.

But I suppose this is the burden of creative pursuit: willing something into existence through (at times) sheer spite, creating something from nothing, order from chaos. But I digress…

Existentialism aside, it’s simply the way that I’ve always operated without even necessarily understanding that not everybody else does the same. My Rho Side Table began from a conversation about the need for a small, lightweight, versatile table, that I didn’t think currently existed as I thought it should. So I had to make it.

I founded my studio from the same principal. The longer I worked, the clearer it became that I was never going to be able to do what I wanted and needed to do while in the employ of others. So I had to make it.

It’s an interesting place to be when an off the cuff statement to a colleague brings you to the realization that you’ve been operating with a principled disposition all along. And to a great degree, it’s incredibly comforting. Design and designing things for the built environment is about bringing form to thought with a healthy dose of creative self delusion thrown into the mix. So, to say the least, having an ordered and established approach to that is probably a good thing.

So then I put the question to you, gentle readers. What is something that didn’t exist that you had to make? We’ve all done it, and I’d venture that the simple act has brought each of us a little comfort and a little order.