WJGDS is the design studio of Bill Gardner, a Washington, D.C. area firm that specializes in custom designer home furnishings.


Bill Gardner - WJGDS

With a background in industrial design, engineering, and construction, Bill has nearly two decades of experience with the inter-connectivity of materials which is reflected in his heirloom-quality designs. Bill takes pride in supporting talented, U.S-based craftsmen and producing American made furniture for the trade.

When developing a custom piece, the process is personal to both the client and to the designer. Bill’s design process is both exacting and collaborative which allows him to produce high-quality work that is unique to the client and their specific needs.

Bill has been featured in recognized design blogs and regional design magazines for his work and his contributions to the design industry. He is a graduate of Virginia Tech’s School of Architecture and Design and holds a degree in Industrial Design.